Activity Themed on Celebration of Heroes on Tomb-Sweeping Day 2021 was Held in CQUST

Release Time:2021-04-05 AuthorLi Qing EditorXu Zhiyuan

In the afternoon of March 31st, the cultural activity themed on Celebration of Heroes on Tomb-Sweeping Day 2021 was held beside the Heroes Monument by Lingxiu Lake.

At the event, students and teachers once again appreciated the heroic deeds of Li Linzhong and Li Hengtai. Class 1 of 2019 majoring in Automobile Service Engineering took over the banner of Li Linzhong Class, symbolizing that the spirit of Lin Zhong was passed down. The whole class expressed their deep admiration for Li Linzhongs martyrs with the songSun of Life. At the end of the activity, the teachers and students paid tribute to the two martyrs in front of the Heroes Monument in turn.

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