The "Flowers to Teachers" on Womens Day

Release Time:2021-03-10 AuthorQin Chuan EditorXu Zhiyuan

On March 8, the 111th International Women's Day, the teachers' union launched the activity of "Presenting a flower to the Teacher" to render best wishes to female teachers who devote themselves to education. Liu Shanghai, member of the Standing Committee of the school CPC committee, vice president, and chairman of the teachers' union, along with the head of the teachers' union, the party and administration leadership teams of all colleges, and the chairman of the branch teachers' union personally presented beautiful flowers to the female teachers.

It is one of a series of the "Five Ones" activities held by the teachers' union to celebrate the International Women's Day. The activities include one commendatory letter, one symposium, one flower, one campus walk, and one lecture. Through these activities, the school aims to create an atmosphere of respecting and caring for women, and enhance the sense of happiness, gain, and security of all female faculty.

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