Study by Post-doctoral Researcher Wang Yi and Prof. Liao Xiaoling Was Published as Cover Article of a Top International Journal

Release Time:2021-02-01 Author:Qing Li Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

Recently, the research paper "Macrophage membrane functionalized biomimetic nanoparticles for targeted anti-atherosclerosis applications" by Wang Yi, who works at the postdoctoral station "Key Laboratory of Nanocomposites Materials and Devices" of our university and Prof. Liao Xiaoling was published by "Theranostics" (5-year IF: 9.108), a top international research journal, and was selected as the cover article of the issue.

The first author of the paper is postdoc Wang Yi, and the corresponding author, Prof. Liao Xiaoling. Dr. Wang started his postdoctoral research at the "Key Laboratory of Nanocomposites Materials and Devices" of our university in July, 2019, and Prof. Liao Xiaoling worked with him as a collaborator and supervisor. His research received funding from Chongqing’s 2019 Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Program, China Postdoctoral General Foundation, and Chongqing Postdoctoral Science Foundation. The publication of the research has made contribution to the construction of a high-level university and the expansion of the academic influence of the university.

Link to the paper:

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