Our Students Made Great Achievement in the 2021 Mathematical Contest In Modeling

Release Time:2021-05-03 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

The final results of the 2021 Mathematical Contest in Modeling were announced on April 24, Beijing time. Among all teams from CQUST, 2 won Meritorious Winner, 10 won the Honorable Mention, and 46 won the Successful Participant

The contest lasted from 6:00 am on February 5th to 9:00 am on February 9th. There are a total of 61 teams and 183 students from CQUST to participate in it.

It is reported that the contest is hosted by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application. It is the only international contest for mathematical modeling, as well as the most influential one in the world. The competitions are divided into two categories, namely MCM (Mathematical Contest In Modeling) and ICM (Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling). Its subjects involve many fields such as economy, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine, safety, etc. This year, a total of 26,112 teams from 22 countries and regions, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada took part in the contest. Students from prestigious universities, including Oxford University, University of Colorado Boulder, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University and other well-known universities all participated in it

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