Students of CQUST Won the First Prize in the National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition

Release Time:2021-05-25 Author:Li Qing Editor:Xu Zhiyuan

Recently,The Decision of the State Press and Publication Administration on Commending the Winners of the Seventh National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition in 2020was released. The 7th National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition in 2020, co-sponsored by the State Press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, was successfully concluded. The competition was divided into two phases: provincial (municipal) selection and national finals, which lasted nearly two years. Zhang Lidan, a 2016 student majoring in Visual Communication Design in the School of Humanities and Arts of our school, won the first prize in the student group of this competition and won the honorary title of National Technical Expert in Printing Industry. This helped our university achieve the zero breakthrough of art majors in the national skills competition champion.

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